“So is it a misunderstanding?,I want to explain.,But your companion seems to be on the moment.,I am going to catch a fierce.。

Then you also saw it.,I am just passive fortune,But this is not worried about it.,I can help them for them.。”
Talking about the night, you will have a lot of Sauon that has already bleed too much.,Compared to just lose the battle ability,The injury of Solaron is serious.。
Others have their own nights,But like Soron said,He doesn’t want to be despised,And the night is also given this Swordsman enough respected。
“Your bastard,Miss Nazi is a little!”
Night is ready to go to the injured Solaron,But restore the awareness of awareness in the ruins,Seeing the night walking http://www.neteasyall.cn toward Namei,I thought that the other party wants to shoot Namei,In an instant, a arrow is rushed up.。
But he has not come yet.,Just hammered by Namei。
Now Nami finally knows,How is the misunderstanding?,Her crew is a guy。
And because of Uso,They all bring an anger.,There will be mistakes that will be too normal.。
“He is the big brother of Wei Wei.,Just because you are making a wrong person,So will be 揍!
Now people want to treat them.,You will give me a quiet stay here.。”
See the fragrance by a punch hammer,Night is also stunned。I have always been a rumored that I have always been there.,Straw hat pirate strongest battle,I’m not what three battles.,But it is possible to ignore the defensive Nami。
Green fluorescence comes in the hands of the night,The injury on the chest of Sauon,Healing at the speed http://www.huximiao.cn visible to the naked eye,Breathing has gradually become stable。
Looking at the road lying on the ground、Sauon、Three people,Namu is a big sigh。
Since Arabastan defeated“Wang Xiaqi Wuhai”After Klock Dar,Let them expand,Now I have already taught people in the island.。
“They are already fine.,As long as you wake them them, you can。
For example,,The big sword is taking a delicious meat and has come over with many medical books.!”
“Big sword?”
“Delicious meat!”
“A lot of medical books!”
I heard this sentence of night shouting.,Three salted fish on the ground,But when you see the night in front of you,Whether it is Lu Fei or Sauon,Both fight against fighting gestures。
But I haven’t waited for them.,Namei first shot first.。
A few minutes later,The road flying over the heads of the head bag in front of the night,There is no sorrowful laugh at all:“what the hell,Actually, you are not playing Upper guys.,It should be clear early.。”
However, Lu Fei has just said this sentence.,I was still in Nami.,A larger package。
God knows no armed colored Namei,How did you leave a big bag on the road that is a rubber person?,But the night is more convinced.,Nametan is a straw hat pirate group“Strongest battle”This idea。
Didn’t see whether it is Lu Fei or Sauon,Under the power of Namei’s force,Did you become stunned in an instant??
“Is the night??So your companion??”
The brothers who have encountered Lufei before Alabastein,Now I am in the water seasily, I’m encountered Wei Wei’s heart.,Namu is not sigh,This world is really small.。
“I am also a one hundred thief.,Partner’s words,In fact, I came to this island.,Just come to find them。
Because some things,We have actions,So come to this island,Originally wanted to find a land snake,As a result, I met you.。”
Put on a business,Night, suddenly remembered that he came over to find Robin.,So quickly with the straw hat pirates。
Looking at the back of the night,Names can’t help but say:“Whether it is Lu Fei’s brother,Still Wei Wei’s night big brother,The strength is so strong.。
Is this the strength of the big one??People we encountered before,Not a level is not a level。”
Whether it is the previous Es or the current night,Give Nimei’s feelings are strong,And it is the desperate powerful。
Obviously the other party is full of smiles,And modestly,But Namei stands in front of the other side,But I can’t afford to fight and confront the idea of confrontation.。
This is before in the fisher agron,MissFalling your fingers can’t feel,As if the other party is just standing?,That is the kind of momentum。
“Night should also be a very strong one.?Listening to Weiwei,The previous Crokdal is also defeated by him first.。”
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