Blue Qiqi looked at Dad in a faint,Leave the ward with my mother。 At this time,Han Yuxuan’s rationalized highland,But people are slightly nervous looking at Lu Haozheng。
I don’t know what he will say next.?
Lu Hao is very close to him.,Eyebrow,Gas field is full,“Your car accident does not announce,Your company has people pass your car accident.,It seems that this is not over yet.。”
“My daughter is almost imposed because of your home.,I have to guarantee my daughter’s safety,In addition to Li Shan,Yang Cheng,What hate is there??”
Lu Hao is very rigorous,Watching Han Yuxuan sharply。
Han Yuxuan is a breather,As long as he stops he and Qi Qi,Everything is not something。
He is calm with him,Lu Shu said that the fact is,Listen to his words,I have known my father’s things.,He also doesn’t want to escape this problem.,After all, this is the past that Dad is not exhausted.。
“Lu Shu,In addition to Li Shan and Yang Cheng,I recently withdrew and Mujia’s cooperation.,Other people,I don’t remember there is a sin.。”His truth,He is also very worried about Kiki’s safety。
“Mujia?”Lu Haocheng, in addition to Mu Ziyi,Don’t meet someone who is Mu Mu。
“Lu Shu,Is the master in the entertainment circle,Muhai。”
Lu Hao nodded,“Muhai,I remember,I look back, let people check it.,You hurry up,Don’t let my daughter worry about you.。”
Han Yuxuan smiled,Lu Shu has not rumored so terrible.。
Han Yuxuan doesn’t know,Lu Haozheng is a love house and Wu,Han Yuxuan is what is going on,His daughter will also be sad。
“Good,Lu Shu,I will get better soon.。”
“Um!”Lu Hao has a good face.,When Han Yuxuan’s face is called Muzi。
“Boiler,Check the Muhai family in the entertainment circle。”
Muzi:“Know,I often look for me to cooperate.,But people are too licking,I refused。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Check carefully,Qi Qi did something,If you have a relationship with them,Tell me immediately。”
Mu Ziyou,“Yight,I have an accident.,Why don’t you tell me??”
Lu Haozheng:“What is your marriage??This is my girlfriend,Your girlfriend is a little wish。”
Lu Hao Cheng hangs up the phone。
Han Yuxuan micro lips,It is said that Lu Hao Cheng is a daughter.,Hundreds of wife,This is true。
“Lu Shu,You can rest assured,I will only love Qiqi alone in my life.。”He always loves Qiqi in the first half.,His half of his life will only love alone。
Lu Haozheng,What is the least want to hear is this。
His eyes are angry and weirdally looked at Han Yuxuan。
“You know that I don’t want to hear what you say.,I still don’t want my daughter to marry so early.。”Lu Hao is very cold。
Han Yuxuan smiled。
“What are you laugh??Not laughing!”Lu Haozheng,No father will have a man and Yue Yue that abuses his daughter.。
Han Yuxuan quickly stopped smiling,The movement of your heart。
He knows that Lu Shu must marry his daughter.,But in the end, it will not be a baby daughter.。
I love my daughter too much.,There is no way to tell the daughter a reply,I can only get gas in the people who abuse his daughter.。
But he is willing to bear,After all, he snatched the baby daughter of Lu Shushu.。“Lu Shu,I can guarantee you,I will not do things that I can’t do Qiqi in this life.,Although this guarantee is meaningless,But time will prove everything,I like Kiki very much from childhood.,These years are always looking for her.。