“This is good this time,From tomorrow, you will work in a special course.,Staying in the hostel,You two you think of a Japanese name。”Rui Rui has already thought about how to arrange two,These two people are now eager to express,This is a bad head,So you must be parked。

“boss,Do you let us use the Japanese name to enter the special qualifications??”Song Jian is a bit surprised,
“Correct,Both are my people,I don’t allow anyone to see you.,So you will only pay for your work.,Other, no tube!do you understand?”
“You are ready.,I will go directly to Xianleis in the evening.。”
Rui Rui left the patrol room and went to the car,There are many cars in these two days.,All the special skills have been removed。
“boss,Did things over??”Tang Ling said,
“almost,How is the terminal there??”
“Everything,I now let the terminal undertake some library lives.,Two new shipments have been customized according to the boss’s meaning,There are also five or six-day shipyards to deliver.。”Jing Yun, they walked two boats.,This time the terminal is no boat to do business.,Rui Rui made Tang Ling set two new cargo ships,In order to do this, this business is still doing。
“If you are busy with a person,I will help you find someone.?”
“Organization said that people came,It should be difficult to select for the security of the boss.,If the boss has a suitable person, it is also possible.。”
“Tang Dado,There is a guy named Su Wenqian is a god hand.,Now the killing pool of the tactics is very good.,He is currently a no-party person,I really like his character and skills.,So I plan to let him follow you for a while.,if it is possible,You can try to fool him.,This scale you grasp it yourself.。”
Qi Rui, I want to develop Su Wenqian into my own comrades.,Let him always follow Song and Tie Tiecheng,He will never touch progressive thoughts.,So just Tang Ling is needed,Let him exercise from all aspects。
“This is certainly no problem.,The people who look at the boss must be failed.。”
“Well,Looking back, I tell him。”
Rui Rui left the car to the cake shop of Tiecheng,They are renovating the cake shop,Now I have some models,It’s really like it.。
“Nine brother,How come you??”Tie Tiecheng saw Qi Rui pulled him into the store,
“Is money enough??”
“enough,How much is the baking equipment?。”
“Iron city,I want Wen Qian to separate you with you??”
“what!?”Tie Tiecheng hurriedly asked:“Nine brothers mean?”
“It is usually separated,At the time of the task,I am just worried that you have three things that you are in one thing.。”Ritual,
“Jiu Ge said,Wen Qian is also very bored here.。”
“If you agree to,I will talk to him.。”
Rui Rui called Su Wenqian to no people,Ask:“Wen Qian,Are you afraid of hard??”
“Joy,When do I am afraid of hard work?,Is there anything I want to do, I hope I will say it just as before?,I am a person who kills the god action group.,Although Zhou Dawei is not there,But I am still。”
“Wen Qian,I have two cars and a pier.,There is a very good friend who is helping me to care.,But he is a little busy.,You are not safe together.,So I am going to let you help this good friend in the past.,Are you willing to go??”
“What do you need to do?,I won’t have anything else.。”
“Wen Qian,The car and the pier are very important for us.,Every day, these cars are now habitually collecting some intelligence.,Let them find someone to follow, very convenient,The role of the pier is bigger,I don’t say this, I shouldn’t think of it.?”
“Joy,I know,I also hope that you will talk to the friend.,Give me some time to learn,Don’t stop me stupid。”
Su Wenqian is as humble as his name.,Ruiru patted his shoulders:“If you are stupid, there is no smart person in the world.!Since it is my friend,That is my own,So there is not so much thing,You are ready,I sent you in this half day.。”
“Joy,How can I have no task recently??”
“These days of devils are crazy,We temporarily avoid the wind,Waiting for them to stop some,Our goal is Zhang Xiaolin and Gu Chunhui these traitors.,So don’t worry,Some of the tasks。”