however,The silver armor man trapped in the shadow of the sword just swung a sword,Broke this magic knife style,With a bang, Li Tianzhen flew out again,Shen Yingjie was shocked,She stands less than twenty meters away from the side of the silver armor,But Li Tianzhen flew upside down like a cannonball passing her,Smashed to the ground with a bang,If it is an ordinary person,Where is the fate of such a fall??

A complex emotion of anger makes Shen Yingjie no longer able to control,At the silver armor man, he pulled the trigger without hesitation,A series of loud bangs,Finished one in an instant*。
The terrifying lethality of a large-caliber automatic rifle,Such a short distance,Even the steel plate in front has been beaten into a sieve,The silver armor also swayed to the ground in the bullet rain,But the smoke has not cleared yet,This big guy stood up again,Shook his head,Raise the sword with both hands high,The silver light from the blade is as thick as the substance,The huge and unparalleled force actually fixed the shocking Shen Yingjie on the spot。
Before the arrival of the god of death, the invisible fear instantly occupied Shin Yingjie’s entire brain,Made her immediately give up the idea of resisting and running away,One foot seems to have stepped into the boundless abyss,And her only thought at this time is to look back at Li Tianzhu。
suddenly,The silver-white filled stone room darkened a bit,A green light slashed over the stone chamber like a thin line,Howling wind,Li Tianzhen has appeared behind the silver armor,Without hesitation, waved at him,Buzz,Leaf blade is like lightning,The green light illuminates the entire stone room,The silver armor quickly turned sideways with a sword back to the file,But it was cut in half by the blade knife and the sword。
Milky body fluids and tissues spilled all over the ground,The silver great sword fell and shattered like fragile glass。Li Tianzhi waved,Ye Dao flew back to his palm with a hum,Then disappeared,The whole stone room is calm again,Only the body of the silver armor makes people shudder。
“Go fast。”Li Tianzhen picked up the hilt of the giant sword,Pulling Shen Yingjie in a daze,Striding meteor rushed into that arch,Unexpectedly, the two of them just entered,I heard a bang,The heavy stone gate closed by itself,It was dark all around,Only the hilt in the hand was shining with silver light。
The hilt began to tremble slightly,There are strange things hidden inside,This thing is about to move,There is a stance to break out,Li Tianzhi secretly called bad,I originally studied this stuff,And for lighting,Unexpected situation,He threw the hilt into the air,At the same time vitality burst,Golden short knife presents,I have to smash the hilt into pieces。
The hilt suddenly hovered in the air,Fly to tens of feet in the next moment,Li Tianzhen yelled and ran after him,Unexpectedly, the hilt suddenly fell to the ground,Blast off with a bang,Silvery white light bursts,The dark cave is like day again,Another silver armor appeared in front of you,Li Tianzhen can’t hold his figure,Had to take advantage of the trend,But no accident was blown out by the giant sword,Fell a lot of meat and vegetables。
Shen Yingjie opened his mouth wide,Don’t know what to say,But saw too many weird things,She’s not as at a loss as she was at the beginning,At least know how to deal with it, buy time for Li Tianzhi,So she pulled the trigger quickly,And the two guns are switched,Light up all at once*,The silver armor was forced to retreat by the huge impact,Finally crashed down。
Shen Yingjie retreated quickly,At the same time took off a rifle,Knowing that such a fierce blow may not cause fatal damage to the silver armor,really,Her gun is not stable yet,The silver armor stood up again,But suddenly its head flew into the air,Green brilliance flashed,That’s a spinning blade knife,Li Tianzhen attacked directly from a distance,The head of the silver armor turned into a milky liquid in mid-air,Collapsed everywhere。
After killing the enemy this time,Ye Dao didn’t want to return to Li Tianzhi’s hands,It revolves around the headless body of the silver armor,Suddenly buzzed,The green light keeps bursting up,Finally, it cut into the chest cavity of the silver armor man,Silver brilliance mixed with green awns,Extremely dazzling,Suddenly an extremely painful roar and roar from the depths of the cave,It took a long time to stop。
The leaf knife hovering in the air seems to be unfinished,But this time he was forcibly recalled by Li Tianzhen,“Temple Guard,Whose shrine are you guarding?Dare to come and see me?”
Do not know why,This sentence suddenly popped out of Li Tianzhen’s mind,Sound like thunder,Roll away,Go straight to the depths of the cave,But I didn’t get a response for a long time。