“Not to join the martial art, although free,But encountered difficulties while practicing,No one can give pointers。”

Xue Ning thought for a while and suddenly asked:“That day at the Ten Thousand Monster Forest,Brother Wang’s weapon and armor、Excellent food and drink,I think I should be well-funded?”
Wang Hong who was drinking almost didn’t choke,How can anyone directly ask others if their wallet is bulging??
Not to mention how long they met,Even between brothers,It’s not suitable to ask more。
Wang Hong puts down the wine glass,Smiled and said:“Okay,Miss Xue asked what this did?”
Xue Ning quickly discovered something was wrong,Tongue out,Said with a smile:
“Brother Wang, don’t get me wrong,I think Brother Wang is not too young,Even if most schools can get in,I can only hang around outside,That’s not very interesting。”
“Only one force is special,Maybe Brother Wang can think about it。”
At this moment they two are sitting in the corner,There are no other guests around,Wang Hong asked:
“Can Miss Xue tell me more?”
As far as he knows,It is quite difficult for the outer doors of various factions to enter the inner door,Unless you make great achievements,Or personal strength reaches the level of the elder in the door,Otherwise it is difficult to change the identity。
Xue Ning nodded and said:“The largest sect in Yunzhou is naturally Sanquan Sect,But there is another power that is not under Sanquan Sect,It’s just that their hands are scattered throughout the Tiannan Kingdom,Most of the internal affairs of Yunzhou are ignored,So it’s not famous locally in Yunzhou。”
Wang Hong asked a little surprised:“Oh,There are such forces?”
According to Xue Ning,The headquarters of this force should be in Yunzhou。