Wait for Guan Tingna and Bai Li to leave,Xia Jian stepped forward,Grabbed Lu Monkey by the collar,Said quietly:“Lu Monkey!Don’t overdo it。Cai Li is alone now,But who wants to bully him,Then ask first,See if Xia Jiantong disagrees?”

“Which onion are you?Have the ability to marry her!If you don’t have this ability,It doesn’t work for you。And i told you,Cai Li won’t marry one day,I won’t give up for a day”
Lu Monkey said,Laughed shamelessly。His laughter,Sounds boring。
“Lu Monkey,You are such a beast。No matter what you and Gao Wei say,Is also commensurate with brothers。My business with him,Surely you will never forget it in your life!”Cai Li’s face was pale with anger,She lowered her voice and scolded fiercely。
Unexpectedly, Monkey Lu raised his neck,Broke free from Xia Jian and shouted:“Shit brother!If it wasn’t for his Gaowei and incompetent,My monkey Lu was so miserable today?If it wasn’t for Cai Li’s face back then,I broke up with him a long time ago”
“Lu Monkey!If you’re a fucking man,Then stop being so mean。Draw a line,Let’s find a place,Don’t make trouble here,Lest others laugh”
Xia Jian shouted angrily,Interrupted Lu Monkey。His meaning is clear,I just want to get Monkey Lu outside。Because if you fight in this small courtyard,,Not good after all。
“OK!You think i’m so scared of you?Nancheng Genxia,Not a bastard”
Lu Monkey suddenly,It’s like a different person。After he left this sentence,Walk out quickly。
“No way,You can’t go。Don’t participate in my business anymore。People like this,Like rubbish,Who is unlucky。But don’t worry,I’m not the Cai Li I used to be,I will let him be honest”
Cai Li said very firmly,Her face is righteous。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“it is good!I listen to you,I won’t be involved in your affairs。But this Lu monkey,Just a lazy dog,You should be careful”
Xia Jian finished,Turn around and leave。Cai Li looked anxious,She yelled loudly:“Don’t you go!I’ll let you cook noodles for you”Xia Jian hesitated,Finally sat down。
Full stomach,Xia Jian just left Cai Li Noodle Shop。He promised Cai Li,Stop looking for Lu Monkey,But he is a man,He will never be a turtle。
Xia Jian walks on the street alone,Thinking in my heart,Why is Lu Monkey so happy to date him,That means he was prepared。Maybe it’s a trap,But don’t go,Didn’t you ask Lu Monkey to watch him??
“Hey!President Xia!How to walk alone?”