When Gu Yue heard Xia Jian called her so kindly,She said embarrassedly:“All right,Stop numb,Hurry up and do business!I’m going to call Lingchuang now“

Xia Jian still wants to be polite,But Gu Yue hung up the phone。Wang Lin, who was sitting next to Xia Jian, also took a long breath and said:“Your confidante is really not bad,She can help you solve such a big matter,Really rare“
Because of a delay on the road,Xia Jian got out of the elevator,I saw Jin Yimei standing in front of his office with an anxious look。
“President Xia!Here you are“Jin Yimei’s face is very ugly,I can see that she didn’t sleep all night again。
Xia Jian opened the door of the office and Jin Yimei walked in,Wang Lin followed in,She closed the door of the office tightly and then glanced at Jin Yimei。
Jin Yimei took another long breath and said:“President Xia!The bank has already called,But our funds have not come in yet,Isn’t this a bit unclear?“
“What reminder?Isn’t the deadline today??It’s only after twelve o’clock tonight“Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but get angry。These guys,This is not the case when lending。
Jin Yimei lowered her voice and said:“What’s scared is that the money won’t be paid today!“
“Don’t worry, Mr. Kim!Mr. Xia has a solution,Don’t worry“Wang Lin said,Smile at Jin Yimei。
Jin Yimei was a little surprised and said:“is it?If there is a good way to speak up,Don’t let me worry about here alone“Jin Yimei’s face,This is the smile。
Xia Jian called Jin Yimei in front of him,Said a few words quietly,Jin Yimei’s face suddenly smiled,She nodded,Happy to say:“I will do it now,With this insurance,My heart is completely let go“
Things in the world,There really is no impermeable wall。Among the top of the startup group,Some people start to sit down。From time to time, someone ran in to meet Xia Jian,But Xia Jian gave him a few words。
Wang Lin’s phone,And Jin Yimei’s call,Will blow up。Caring,Lively,Even debt collectors appeared。Okay,Xia Jian turned off the phone as soon as he entered the office,Even the landline line on the desk was unplugged。
“President Xia!I think you should go out and hide!People from the bank may pursue coming to the company soon“Jin Yimei entered Xia Jian’s office,Just whispered to him。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“GZHow are things going?“