“Dean,There is a saying,The great elder of Bailian Academy wants me to tell you!”Yin Kong suddenly turned to look at Sun Qin。

Sun Qin squinted at Yin Kong“What words!”
“The college belongs to the country,Not belong to a certain family,Don’t put yourself in the wrong place!He said so”Yin Kong almost said this sentence through gritted teeth。
“Ha ha ha,Hahahaha,Yin Kong,Do you think i need you to teach!”Sun Qin’s power is oppressing Yin Kong,The feeling of death appeared in Yin Kong’s heart。
“Not,but,I don’t think Elder Bailian said anything。。。”
Yin Kong hasn’t finished yet,Sun Qin hit him directly against the wall with a punch,A deep hole appeared in the wall,Visible power。
“Dean,Please calm down,Yin Kong didn’t say that on purpose”Fengxi hurriedly knelt in front of Sun Qin,Beg for forgiveness。
Sun Qin looked at the two,Said indifferently:“remember,You are the confluence,And I am the director of Confluence,What should I say later,What should not be said,I hope you are a little measured,I don’t like disobedient people!”
“Yes”Fengxi heard the murderous intent in Sun Qin’s tone,Head buried lower。
“Get out”
Fengxi slowly stepped back and helped Yin Kong to walk outside。
Sun Qin looked at the shattered communicator on the ground,Very upset in my heart。