Put it in the bank??

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for those damn bankers?Cheaper for those damn bankers,People still don’t thank me,Why bother?In this case,Instead of capitalizing on American bankers,It’s better to use this money to improve the social status and political influence of our entire group.,Failure is nothing more than losing a little money,But once it succeeds,I can also be considered as a contribution to our Chinese。”
Speak out,All members of the Chamber of Commerce looked at Chen Geng’s expression completely changed。
If this is what my nephew said,My nephew did this,The members of the Chamber of Commerce present will not hesitate to interrupt their dog legs:Are you recruiting disasters for our family? Do you know?!
But if someone else said this,For example, Chen Geng in front of you,They were immediately in awe。
Eligible to be admitted to the North American Chinese Chamber of Commerce,Are the best of the Chinese living in America,Of course there is a minimum of knowledge,I all know that once Chen Geng does what he said,It is a huge happy event for the entire Chinese community in North America!
From this perspective,They support Chen Geng,Highly support Chen Geng,if necessary,Donate some money to Chen Geng、They won’t hesitate to provide some help——As long as this is not done by yourself。
“Nice to say,As if you are so great,You are not for your own consideration?”A discordant voice suddenly came from the crowd。
Someone is saying weird things?!
Hear these yin and yang weird words,Chen Geng hasn’t responded yet,Zhang Zilu didn’t agree,Poking his head into the crowd:“Who?who is it?”
Chen Geng is not angry,in contrast,He pulled Zhang Zilu,Motion to wait for myself to finish。
You are really not angry?Zhang Zilu gave Chen Geng a concerned look。
to be frank,Chen Geng is really touched,Slightly shook his head to indicate that I don’t care,Then said:“The man who just spoke,I do not know who you are,But i admit you are right,If i succeed in the end,I will definitely get more benefits,There are indeed my personal factors in this。but……”
Chen Geng then asked:“But isn’t this what I deserve?I paid,There will be gains,I paid the most,Of course the most dividends。If anyone jealous,You can do it too,No one stopped you,You see the scenery I enjoy after success,But don’t you notice my risk?I succeeded,You share my success,But if i fail,Will you help me take this risk?”
The crowd is quiet。
Even the one who just said the strange thing was speechless。
Yes,Do you think Chen Geng made more money?,Do it yourself,No one looked at you,You don’t do things yourself,Still here,I deserve to be speechless。
Even the look in Cheng Gui’s eyes with them changed:One is to be a turtle,One is that I would rather lose some of my own interests for the benefit of the group,The difference between the two,Make judgments!
I go!Don’t you really believe it??Looking at the eyes of everyone in front of you,Chen Geng suddenly got cold on his back:Are you serious?That’s what i said,Really makes me so great?What are you kidding?!