Think now,What happened here,Seems really big?

“Forget it,I can go back with you,But the handcuffs are fine!”Qin Feng’s tone softened,I don’t want to directly turn my face with the Bangzi Country official here。
If you become a fugitive,,He and Leng Ling will become very troublesome。
“Ok!”Qian Taiming didn’t force it。
Okay,Qian Taiming’s people didn’t mess around,But some people were left to clean up the scene。
The rest followed Qian Taiming and brought Qin Feng and Leng Ling back to the game.。After all, I have to prevent Qin Feng from escaping!
Qin Feng just spoke before leaving,“Be careful,There was an explosion just now。It should be Jin Haoyu who installed landmines nearby。Although it has exploded once,But no one can guarantee that there will be other explosives like mines。”
Qin Feng kindly reminded me。
But some people don’t buy it!After all, even if it is official,There are also many people who look down on Chinese。Bangzi Country is such a magical country!
“Ha ha,Return the mine。weRSichuan is one of the safest cities,How come there is such a thing。”
This guy just finished talking,Then I stepped on something that shouldn’t be stepped on,Direct first place。
As for those who are closer, they lie on the ground and eat the dust。Fortunately, this kind of explosives similar to landmines is not very powerful.,Coverage is not too wide。