“As for the newF70,”Chen Geng thought for a while,And ordered:“What to do or how to do,The plan remains unchanged for now。”

Cash anywayF70And newF70Not completely replace the relationship,The relationship is a bit like the second-generation Boeing737And third-generation Boeing737,In the third generation of Boeing737In the case of production,Second-generation Boeing737There are still three to four hundred orders,Second-generation Boeing737Continued production until the third generation of Boeing737It took four or five years to formally stop production,So in Chen Geng’s opinion,Since cashF70And sales,Don’t worry about getting the cashF70Stop——Since cashF70Still make money,Then naturally there is no reason to stop production,Do business,The last point of value without squeezing a product,Can’t be regarded as a qualified businessman。
See Anthony·Fokker nodded,Chen Geng continued:“and also,F150To speed up the airworthiness certification,Strive to complete all airworthiness certification work within two years。”
“Two years……Time may be a bit tight,”Anthony·Fokker frowned,Said:“Especially the AmericanFAACertification,This one……”
Know Anthony·What is Fokker worried about,Chen Geng said immediately:“Don’t worry that Boeing will stumble us,Even if Boeing stumbles us,I also have a way,In short,F150There must be no problem in itself。”
With Chen Geng’s words,Anthony·Fokker shook up,Nodded quickly:“Don’t worry about this!”
Fokker’s development plan for the next ten years,Chen Geng and Anthony·Fokker gave it。
Next month,Chen Geng did not wait for any news from Lockheed,Chen Geng is not in a hurry,He knows,For a giant company like Lockheed,Want to make this kind of thing without hiding the majority of shareholders,Must not be fast,And tell the truth,Chen Geng is not very concerned about this:Became,Of course you can make a fortune,But nothing happens。
Chen Geng was moved by a report about McDonnell Douglas that he accidentally saw.,Said that the McDonnell Douglas board of directors has passed a product development plan that can reshape the image of McDonnell Douglas,This is a large wide-body airliner that can represent the top technology and craftsmanship of McDonnell Douglas,Can perform trans-Pacific missions,The maximum range is13500Km to15000Between kilometers,The competitor is Boeing’s Boeing747This is the largest passenger aircraft in the world today。
See this report,Chen Geng scratched his head:This is not McDonnellMD-12What?But McDonnell’sMD-12Is the plan officially announced at this time??
Although I can’t rememberMD-12Specific R&D plan,but it does not matter,Chen Geng immediately picked up the phone and called Little MacDonald:“Mike,I just saw a report in the newspaper,Say that you McDonnell Douglas Group prepares a double、Four shots、Like Boeing747Such a large wide-body airliner that can perform intercontinental flights,real or fake?”
“You saw the report?Ha ha……”Little MacDonald was not surprised at what Chen Geng said.,He chuckled:“There is such a plan,Our board just passed,In a few months we will officially announce ourMD-12plan,Also correct you,ourMD-12The target is not Boeing747,But Boeing747-400。”
Compared to Boeing747-100/200/300,Boeing747-400Belongs to the second generation of Boeing747,1988Charge over there,Next year2Officially delivered to customers,Is Boeing’s flagship product。
Compared to the previous generation of Boeing747,The second generation of Boeing747-400Use a more fuel-efficient engine,The avionics system is also fully updated,Boeing proudly uses a new generation of Boeing747Demonstrate to the world their absolute strength in the field of large civil aircraft——Unceremoniously,in400to500This market segment,Boeing747Is Dugu seeking defeat。
And now,Little MacDonald told Chen Geng that the target they were aiming at turned out to be Boeing747-400,Really……
Chen Geng sighed secretly:MD-12Definitely in the history of world aviation、At least the saddest aircraft in the history of McDonnell Douglas: