“Come on,Indicating wool,You come directly to Tianguang’s hotel,I am waiting for you here。”

Yunfeng didn’t let Qin Feng say anything,Because he is really anxious。
Qin Feng knew that the show was finally coming,I just don’t know what this will turn into?
Just when Qin Feng was just about to go out,Lin Xixi drove a car and appeared at his door。
“Is there anything you need?”Qin Feng glanced at Lin Qianqian in disgust。
This kind of woman who does nothing to achieve her goal,he does not like。
“Get in the car。”Lin Qianqian said lightly。
Qin Feng reacted instantly,Today’s dinner may be made by the person in front of you。
He said with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth:“how,Can’t sit still now?”
“Humph,You go,Still not going,Just speak directly。”
Lin Qianqian also said in anger,I was already very upset by Qin Feng’s calculations,Qin Feng is the bastard now,I want to force her to death?
Actually,Lin Qianqian didn’t want to find Qin Feng to sit down like this,But after knowing Qin Feng’s plan,They are also a little helpless。
Because when Qin Feng couldn’t enter,That’s really no way to help this person。
The most important thing is,Qin Feng didn’t do anything with the company’s account book。
Qin Feng apart from basic salary,I really didn’t want any more money。
under these circumstances,What can they do?
go with,Still not going,This is no need to think,Even if I know that the guy in front of you made it,Qin Feng still has to go,If you don’t face it, you will definitely offend Yunfeng to death。
Unless Qin Feng doesn’t want to mix locally,Otherwise, he must have a good relationship here。